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Sleeping Beauty

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This 1990 ground breaking publication is credited as being the first book ever produced on the history and practice of postmortem photography. Sleeping Beauty was heralded on the cover of the New York Times book review, and remains an inspiration to countless artists, curators, filmmakers and researchers. This book contains over 80 images from The Burns Archive is a must for collectors with an appreciation of the macabre and a lust for the darker side of history.


"If you can peer in past the somberness, you'll summon up the warmth and intimacy of a lost emotional landscape, one that links up momentarily with those who have gone before." - John Updike in American Heritage Magazine
"Unlike anything I've seen before...succeeds in a way the few documentary books manage to do. Dr. Burns uses what might seem an obscure persuade the reader to reconsider matters of life and death in our own time." -New York Times Book Review
"[Dr. Burns] has researched the hell out of these photos, and his notes in Sleeping Beauty amount to nothing less than a furiously compressed history of death and dying in America...Stanley Burns' project is a thing of strange beauty, always thought provoking and eye opening, often startling, usually a revelation of some kind." - New York Press
"Almost every one of its stunning reproductions inspires shivers and achingly vivid pathos..." - The Voice Literary Supplement

132 Pages | Hardcover | 12.5 x 9.25 inches | ISBN: 0-942642-32-5 | 1990

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